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by | Jun 30, 2021 | Blog

It’s the end of the financial year and most of Australia is in lockdown.

It’s also during the school holidays and like many people, I’m at home with my family right now.

Following up with any of my patients who have had facial plastic surgery procedures is essential, however, and with all the safety measures in place, this continues as necessary this week and ongoing.

A quieter week with less operating is also an opportunity to reflect and report on trends in facial plastic surgery worldwide.


Earlier this year, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery issued a press release outlining aesthetic trends from this pandemic era.

This followed on from the annual survey of its members that looked in detail at how COVID-19 impacted facial plastic surgery uptake, consumer influences and the professional aesthetic community in general.

More so than any time before, has the aesthetic industry – like many industries worldwide – been disrupted in such a big way.

Interestingly, the overarching trend has been towards an increased uptake in facial plastic surgery procedures.

The increased time people were spending online was said to be a contributing factor. Dubbed the “Zoom Boom” this builds on from previous survey observations that “selfies” and social media saturation influence appearance awareness and confidence.

Other contributing factors reported included:

  • Patients now having more time and flexibility to recover from treatments due to social distancing and the benefits of working from home
  • Some patients having more disposable income due to decreased spending in other areas (such as travel)


It’s undeniable that we are in the midst of an unprecedented virtual lifestyle shift that involves conducting more aspects of our lives online.

Simultaneously, wearing masks (when we do actually wear them) while outside increases the focus on the appearance of our eyes as it is the main facial features that isn’t covered!

While I’m curious to observe how these changes impact on us all, when it comes to patients who are presenting in consultation these factors are rarely brought up as reasons for wanting a facial plastic procedure.

What I have noticed over the past twelve months, however, is more people than ever before booking in for consultation. These include people who have been considering a procedure for a number of years or months and now find they have more time available to schedule this in, allowing for proper rest and recovery should they decide to go ahead with having the procedure.

Everyone’s financial situation is different however some of my patients have shared that they have elected to undergo their chosen procedure, directing funds that may otherwise have been spent on overseas travel or holidays that have not been possible.

Please note that the decision to undergo a facial plastic surgery procedure is a personal and considered one that requires a detailed consultation to begin with.

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