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X-Rays Reveal Truth about Marilyn Monroe’s Nose

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Blog

One question about rhinoplasty that we enjoy answering at our practice is whether people will be able to tell they’ve had surgery. “Did you know Marilyn Monroe, had a nose job?” we ask. “We didn’t either until the x-rays came out.”

Today, people flaunt their aesthetic transformations with pride. Back in the heyday of Hollywood, however, cosmetic enhancement and facial plastic surgery were common, but not discussed publicly. This made it important for women like Marilyn (and men, too) to find expert surgeons to make them look naturally beautiful.

Opening the Vault on Monroe’s Nose

It isn’t uncommon to wonder whether or not movie stars have had surgery. In Marilyn’s case, she admitted to friends that she had undergone breast augmentation. Not long before her death, the implants failed, causing her to develop silicone poisoning.

Comparing pictures of fresh-faced Norman Jean Baker and sexy Marilyn Monroe make it clear that some changes were made, but there was no confirming evidence. Details about Marilyn’s facial surgery emerged only recently, when her medical records were released fifty years after her death. X-rays of the star’s skull indicate that she had procedures done on her nose and chin.

3 Ways to Change Your Nose

When Marilyn was a star, there weren’t many choices for fixing her nose. Surgical knowledge and techniques were limited. Today, however, a natural looking nose can be achieved with:

  • Reduction rhinoplasty – a surgical technique to make the nose smaller
  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty – a surgery to make the nose larger
  • Filler Rhinoplasty – the use of cosmetic injectables in the area of the nose

“One of the plusses about filler rhinoplasty is that it’s temporary,” says Dr Marcells. “It’s an excellent option for anyone who is unsure whether they want to permanently change their most prominent facial feature.” With filler rhinoplasty, a patient can literally test-drive a new nose.

Understanding Rhinoplasty Techniques

In addition to different types of rhinoplasty, there are also different techniques:

  • Open Rhinoplasty – the surgeon makes an incision in the soft tissue outside the nose in order to access the structures within
  • Closed Rhinoplasty – all incisions are made inside the nose

“The choice of whether to use a closed or open technique depends on the patient,” says Dr Marcells.

Hollywood Makeovers: They Did What?!

Rhinoplasty was one of the best procedures a star could undergo back in the 1950’s. Other transformative tactics included:

  • Hair-Raising Idea – Rita Hayworth had electrolysis on her scalp because producers felt her hairline made her look too Latin…which she was.
  • Molars Out, Cheekbones In – Marlene Dietrich’s famous cheekbones owe their angular beauty to her choice to have her molars removed.
  • The Croydon Facelift – Surgical tape and a twist of hair helped many stars give themselves an instant anti-wrinkle treatment. Unfortunately, the technique damaged the skin and promoted hair loss.

Good for Marilyn Monroe & Good for You

If you’re dissatisfied with your nose, but concerned that everyone will know if you opt for rhinoplasty, let us lay those concerns to rest. Dr Marcells is a master in his field. During your initial consultation, he’ll get to know you and the goals, subtle or dramatic, for your nose. Please call us today and start your superior patient experience.

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