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Why Everyone Wants to Have Lunch with Maddie

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Blog

When the clock strikes twelve, more and more people are spending their lunch hour at About Face with our facial rejuvenation expert Maddie. In the time it takes to down a burger and fries at Macca’s, she helps clients revitalise their complexion and take years off their face.

Maddie’s interest in skin physiology has led her to specialise in treatments that help erase visible signs of facial ageing, without the need for surgery, anaesthesia, or prolonged downtime. Maddie practices what she preaches, using techniques including chemical peels, skin needling, and a personal skin care regimen to keep her complexion glow. We asked her to share some personal thoughts about her work.

Dermapen: Microneedling with Maddie

“Microneedling uses tiny needles to create micro-channels within the epidermis and dermis. This controlled injury stimulates a natural wound-healing response in the body, which encourages skin to make new collage-rich tissue and elastin. Collagen and elastin help skin look plump and toned.

There’s something else Maddie likes about microneedling with Dermapen, the device we use at About Face. “Microneedling allows topical skin care products to absorb better with active ingredients to reach the deepest layer of skin,” she says. “The depth enhances the benefits and the results.

Most patients require three to six sessions, spaced six weeks apart. The effects of micro-needling are not permanent, lasting from four to six weeks. Follow-up treatments are necessary to maintain results. “When maximum results are achieved, we would recommend maintenance sessions which could range from 6 to 12 months apart,” says Maddie

Chemical Peels: Maddie Goes Beneath the Surface

“The most important thing to understand about chemical peels is their strength, which has changed over the years,” explains Maddie. “Today, even people with sensitive skin can reap the rewards, enjoying the intense hydration a hyaluronic treatment provides.” Based on her client’s needs, Maddie will recommend a:

  • Surface peel – freshens skin through exfoliation
  • Moderately deep peel – corrects pigmentation problems
  • Deep peel – treats wrinkles

“The rejuvenating effects of a peel are truly dramatic and can be very long-lasting,” says Maddie. “The benefits of deep and medium-deep peels can last several years.” Superficial peels using glycolic or salicylic acid need to be repeated more frequently.

Combining Treatments for More Beautiful Skin

Injectables and other modalities such as topical skincare and energy-based therapies can be combined for optimal results,” says Maddie, “but not when it comes to chemical peels and microneedling.” With microneedling and peels, however, the skin needs a chance to heal between treatments. “We recommend clients start their facial rejuvenation journey with a chemical peel,” says Maddie. “Then, they return two weeks later for microneedling with topical skincare products.

Post-peel, Maddie also recommends that patients avoid all skin care products that contain any kind of ‘active ingredients’ such as retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids and Vitamin C. “You can incorporate these products back into your regime 3-5 days after your treatment.”

You Can’t Take Maddie Home with You, But…

“A customised skin care routine can help you retain the benefits of your treatments,” says Maddie. She notes that in addition to our other home skin care options, About Face now offers products from Dermaceutic Laboratoire and Biopelle. These products have been developed to deliver maximum benefits when used correctly and consistently. Extensive clinical trials support their effectiveness.

“I especially like that these products can be used individually or added into a client’s existing cleansing and moisturising program,” says Maddie. She notes that many people elect to purchase a personalised skin care program for home use, with every step customised to their unique skin needs.

If you’d like to know more about skin care rejuvenation at About Face, we invite you to contact us and make an appointment to visit us soon at our new, modern rooms.

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