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What To Do When Your Nose Ages Your Face

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Blog

Some things never change. Your nose is not one of them. Your nose is comprised of bone, soft tissue (skin) and cartilage. It continues to grow throughout your lifetime, unlike most bones that call it quits when you hit puberty. This growth, along with gravity and other factors, can turn a youthful-looking nose aged, adding years to the rest of your facial appearance.

Has your once shapely nose undergone unwanted changes? Don’t worry. In this article, Dr Marcells explains the how and why of nasal ageing, along with procedures to restore breathing and beauty.

Your Poor Defenseless Nose

The sturdy cartilage and bone that are the foundation of your nose can begin to weaken as calendar pages fall to the floor. This is especially problematic for post-menopausal women because the loss of estrogen they experience causes cartilage to deteriorate. Regardless of age, “Some patients have softer cartilage than others, says Dr Marcells. “They are more likely to experience visible ageing of the nose at a young age due to tip ptosis. “(Tip ptosis is a condition associated with ageing where the tip of the nose begins to droop severely.)

As far back as 1996, authors of the study Aging of the Normal Nose in Adults reported an increase of functional problems for ageing patients including:

  • Increased likelihood of certain nasal complaints
  • Increased airflow resistance

The appearance of the nose, “as measured by the nasolabial angle and the height/length ratio” was also found to become altered over time. These changes can cause an ageing nose to look out of proportion to the rest of the face:

  • Too large
  • Too long
  • Bulbous

“Sagging nasal skin can also contribute to making your entire face look older,” says Dr Marcells.

6 Ways Nose Surgery Saves Face for Older Patients

A surgical rhinoplasty can be an excellent remedy for a nose that’s ageing your face prematurely. Dr Marcells uses rhinoplasty to alter and improve:

  1. Nasal symmetry
  2. Nose size
  3. Size and position of nostrils, including too large, too wide, and upturned
  4. Facial balance
  5. Nose width at the bridge
  6. Visible humps or depressions on the bridge

“Older patients seldom want a dramatic change in the appearance of their noses,” reports Dr Marcells. Their goal is more likely to ‘look the way I used to’ with a natural-looking result that balances other facial features. “Younger patients tend to choose rhinoplasty to reduce the size or refine the shape of their noses,” says Dr Marcells. 

Injectables Provide “Immediate Results,” says This Study

Not everyone is a good candidate for rhinoplasty nor does every patient need a nose job. Surgery may be contra-indicated due to:

  • Patient physiology
  • Extent of problem
  • Use of anaesthesia
  • Downtime required after procedure
  • Cost

Dermal fillers are very effective for nasal reshaping for patients not willing for rhinoplasty and even for those with minor defects after rhinoplasty,” reports the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery. “They give immediate results with very minimal downtime.” Dr Marcells warns “The secret to success is knowing where to place injections and how much filler to use. The injector must have a clear knowledge of the nasal anatomy, possess high technical injecting skills, and an aesthetic sensibility that help ensure an excellent outcome.”

If you’d like to more information about rhinoplasty and non-surgical solutions to an ageing nose, we hope you’ll reach out to us in Bondi Junction and set up an appointment with Dr Marcells. Who “nose” where it will lead?!

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