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Travel Advisory: No Air Plane after Deep Plane

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Blog, Facelift

When you think of ‘medical tourism,’ do you think of Australia? Many people do. So many, in fact, there are entire companies devoted to flying people in for facial plastic surgery. Here’s the catch: you really shouldn’t fly immediately after a face lift.

“A deep plane face lift is a major surgical procedure,” says Dr Marcells, referring to the ‘gold standard’ of facial rejuvenation surgery that he offers his patients in Edgecliff. “It places stress on your body as it is happening and it continues to stress your body as you work to heal.”

Why Oh Why Can’t Face Lift Patients Fly?

If you fly too soon after a face lift, you risk life-threatening complications like these:

  • Infection
  • Irritation of the wound site
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Blood clots
  • Elevated blood pressure

and you’d be uncomfortable, too.

You don’t want to compound the stress of your surgery by exposing yourself to the rigors of take-off and landing, not to mention the danger from other passengers. The closed cabin of an airplane raises your risk of exposure to bacteria, germs, and viruses. Your immune system is already working hard to help you recover from surgery and doesn’t need the extra stress.

You’re going to need to be a patient patient. Then, after two weeks, you should get your surgeon’s all-clear-for-take-off so you can head home for further recuperation. “Most patients should wait a full month before they resume any regular schedule of air travel,” notes Dr Marcells.

Recovering in Style in Edgecliff

Regardless of the distance you’re traveling to have your face lift with Dr Marcells, we invite you to consider staying on in Edgecliff. Regional car travel is permitted the day after surgery, and you are certainly free to take a car service home or have a friend drive you. (You shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car until you have stopped taking your pain medication or until doctor gives you the OK)

If you prefer, however, you can relax and renew in town. There’s a wide range of accommodations to suit virtually any taste and budget. Just as importantly, we have dozens and dozens of excellent eateries offering takeaway options for every palate, so you can dine in style without going out in public.

5 Tips for Plane Safety after Deep Plane Face Lift

When you are ultimately ready to fly, here are some things you can do to put problems at bay:

  • Stay active in the airport area, rather than sitting still
  • Choose an exit row or economy plus seat- this will give you extra room to stretch
  • Choose an aisle seat – this will allow you to walk around to avoid blood clots
  • Stay hydrated – bring a water bottle and ask the flight attendant for refills
  • Bring a human friend – teddy bears are comforting, but a human friend can help you get around and watch out for your well being.

You’ll Be Flying High after Your Face Lift

When it comes to your face, nothing but the best will do. Dr Marcells is a celebrated facial plastic surgeon with decades of training and practical experience. We invite you to fly, drive, cycle, Uber, or walk to Edgecliff to learn more about what a deep place face lift can do for your appearance. Call us to schedule an appointment or use our simple online contact form.

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