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Tania’s Reconstruction Rhinoplasty Experience

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Blog, Rhinoplasty

“My breathing has improved dramatically!” says Tania Batello. “And I love my new nose”, she gushes. “I loved it from day one, this time round”, she adds smiling.

It has been six months since Tania underwent a reconstructive rhinoplasty performed by Dr George Marcells. Tania definitely has reason to be thrilled; the shape of her nose is elegant and natural. You can’t tell she’s had nose surgery.

“Tania presented in 2009 for consideration of nasal surgery from her GP,” says Dr Marcells. “On presentation, she complained of a recurrent nasal blockage and a runny nose. At the time she was taking antihistamines and performing sinus washes for her rhinitis.

“Tania had had rhinoplasty22 years ago, plus a revision 6 months later, with another surgeon.”

What was the exact procedure performed on Tania?

“It was reconstructive rhinoplasty and turbinoplasty with a rib graft. This was performed just over six months ago, in November 2012.”

Are you happy with the post surgery progress?

“Tania’s recovery has been uneventful. At Tania’s three-month review, her breathing showed marked improvement. During this time she had experienced mild congestion that resolved itself over the following months. She is thrilled with the shape of her nose which looks very elegant and natural.”

“At six months Tania’s breathing showed even more improvement, and recorded peak flow levels rising from 60lpm before surgery to 100lpm after surgery.

“I guess that calls for a definite yes!

It’s always good to hear the other side of the story, and Tania was happy to answer our questions.

What made you opt for rhinoplasty the first time round? Did the rhinoplasty solve the issues you had?

Tania:I had breathing issues and didn’t like the look and shape of my nose. I was 22 when I had my first rhinoplasty. This first procedure solved the issues I had at the time.

What functional problems were you having when you went to see Dr Marcells? Or was it aesthetic reasons, or both?

Tania: A short while after the first rhinoplasty operation, I had a sneezing attack one night and my nose literally collapsed. One bit of my nose went one way and the other a different way. It scared the h*** out of me!

I wanted the second rhinoplasty to fix both my breathing and the appearance of my nose.

Breathing function tests show your breathing has vastly improved. Do you feel this?

Tania: My breathing has improved dramatically! I’m extremely happy and have noticed a huge difference. I generally feel as if I can inhale more air than I did previously and I love my new nose.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about rhinoplasty?

Tania: After all my research I found a surgeon I can really trust.

Dr Marcells was honest and had a great attitude about his duty of care towards me. He also seemed to be the most well known surgeon in Australia for rhinoplasty.

Dr Marcells was recommended by my GP and I really liked the work I saw on his website.

What are the do’s and don’ts in your view?

Tania: Do exactly what your surgeon says and follow their instructions. I followed Dr Marcells’ instructions to the word.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, just do it. You’ll look back and wonder what you were worried about and why you took so long to decide.

From what I’ve experienced beforeand what I’ve read, I’m so happy I went with Dr Marcells.

More about rib graft rhinoplasty

Rib grafts, or cartilage taken from the ribs are used to reinforce the nose in cases where there is insufficient nose cartilage to provide good support for the nose, to improve breathing function or to give it a new shape.

“Usually we encounter this in people who have had previous rhinoplasties that have turned out to be unsatisfactory,” says Dr Marcells. “Tania is a case in point.”

“Some people naturally have only limited nasal cartilage. In some others, injuries to the nose are the reason for insufficient nasal cartilage. So if their noses need to be reshaped or strengthened we need to get cartilage from another location.

“Ear cartilage can also be used for this purpose, but rib cartilage is firmer than ear cartilage. I find it soft and flexible enough for me to give my patients’ noses a natural look and feel after strengthening, reshaping or improving breathing function.

“Rib cartilage is harvested by making an incision just under the breast in women, or under the pectoral muscle in men. Most people ask whether it hurts. You may feel a bit of pain at the rib site which, I am told feels just like a bruise.”

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