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Facial Surgery and the Seasons

by | Jul 6, 2012 | Blog

There are so many factors that go into determining when the best time is for an individual to undergo elective cosmetic surgery.

Some people don’t give much thought to the most suitable season for surgery – as once they have decided to go ahead with their chosen procedure they want to see and enjoy the results as soon as possible.

While there are multiple time-related factors to consider – including family commitments, social obligations, work requirements, financial planning and other considerations…. Thinking about the season during which you would most prefer to be recovering is worth adding to the list.

I consider this time of year – when the temperature is dropping down, and we are more naturally inclined towards hibernation – to be the ideal season for taking the time for surgery and recovery.

The recovery time required varies according to the individual and the type of surgery they undergo. A full facelift typically requires two weeks down-time; whereas an eyebrow lift may require as little as a week.

Following surgery, there are dressings that require changing, and adopting a ‘low key’ approach while resting is the best way forwards.  Using a mineral make-up when the initial recovery phase is complete can also assist in the transition back into regular day-to-day life and help cover any bruising, and wound healing taking place.

There is regular follow-up post-surgery and results typically improve over time.

For many people, once the decision to go ahead with surgery has been made it is simply about determining when they can get time off work. Some people may plan to have cosmetic surgery during their summer holidays, returning to start the New Year looking particularly “refreshed”.

Summer surgery has its benefits and also its drawbacks; for many out-door loving Australians, the thought of spending two weeks indoors wrapped up in recovery, while the surf beckons on a sunny day – is enough to rule that timeframe out.

For others, the thought of returning to work looking more rejuvenated and closer to the age they feel, while taking the time to avoid further sun damage is enough of a “plus” to outweigh any feelings of frustration that may accompany the thought of recovering indoors during Summer.

Those who schedule their facial surgery in during winter not only take advantage of recovering indoors while it is cold outside … they face summer with renewed confidence and looking their best.

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