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Sinus Wash – Can it Help You?

by | May 6, 2013 | Blog

A stuffed nose can ruin your mood, give you a headache and change your whole outlook on life. The constant sniffing and blowing can be very frustrating not only to yourself but those around you. It puts a damper on your social life, because socialising is the last thing you want when you have sinus headaches and a clogged nose. Whether you are suffering from a temporary condition, a sinus problem or allergies that clog up your nose, a sinus wash or nasal irrigation can come to your rescue. Chronic sinus and allergy sufferers will find immense relief in being able to breathe freely after a routine sinus wash.

A sinus wash or nasal irrigation is just what the phrase says: washing out your sinus cavities, typically with a saline solution. You can buy pre-made mix and add water or make the solution yourself at home. The salt and water solution is poured or sprayed into one nostril and allowed to flow through the nose cavity into the other nostril. You can use tap water, however, pre boiled water at room temperature is the preferred method.

The most common way to wash out your sinuses is with a sinus ‘flo’ rinse bottle, which comes with measured sachets. There are also over-the-counter kits with a pot or bulb syringe, prepared salt and baking soda sachets.

Sinus Wash Step 1

Step 1: Fill with boiled water

Sinus Wash Step 2

Step 2: Add sachet of sinus wash

Sinus Wash Step 3

Step 3: Shake Bottle

Sinus Wash Step 4

Step 4: Tilt head and squeeze bottle to flush sinuses

Nasal irrigation is not a new practice; it’s just that we are coming to the table late. It’s an age-old Indian yogic tradition, which likely originated in Ayurvedic medical practice long before we ever heard about it. In fact, nasal irrigation is not that new to Western medicine either, because a number of indications for the saline nasal wash, solutions and administration devices were described in the journal Lancet in 1902.

On an interesting side note, some companies have made it their mission to provide irrigation solutions for this segment of consumers. Check out this old story from the New York Times about one such company started by a doctor who suffered from sinus problems.

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