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Rhinoplasty Nuances

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Blog

I am regularly invited to share my knowledge at local and international facial plastic surgery meetings.

These forums are important for professional currency; best practice is a continually evolving process.

With the challenges of a locked down world this year, events have been online, via zoom.

Recently, I presented at the Global Summit of Facial Plastic Surgery. My topic was ‘Revision Rhinoplasty – Nuances of SEG, LC Tensioning and Articulated Alar Rim Grafts’. I’ve also presented online at international meetings during 2021 that were due to be held in Seoul and St. Petersburg. As well, I’ve participated in the Australasian Academy of Facial plastic Surgery’s webinar series.

Suffice to say that regularly sharing knowledge and experience is important for continual advancement; it is the facial plastic surgery nuances that allow tailoring results most precisely to each individual patient. At the international meetings I also, of course, learn from the feedback and experiences shared by other world leading practitioners of facial plastic surgery.

The approaches I take and techniques I adopt in the facial plastic surgery procedures I perform are more advanced, however I believe that they offer more structurally sound, longer lasting and more natural looking results.

Both the deep plane facelift technique and the preservation and structural rhinoplasty techniques I favour are based on an understanding of facial anatomy, working with structural integrity.

Unlike other rhinoplasty techniques, preservation rhinoplasty involves removing less tissue and ligaments from the nose and may help the skin heal faster.  Dorsal preservation rhinoplasty lessens the chance of unsightly abnormalities appearing on the bridge of the nose.

As well as seeing many patients for primary rhinoplasty, I regularly see patients who come to me for a revision rhinoplasty procedure, when the surgery they have undergone elsewhere has not been satisfactory. Preservation rhinoplasty is not the approach I take for revision cases; when the nasal structure has been previously weakened or damaged I bring other nuances to the table.

It is the role of the experienced facial plastic surgeon to determine the nuances that will deliver the most favourable outcome for an individual patient. Facial plastic surgery is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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  1. Main photo shows the detailed changes in the Right Lateral view of our lovely, happy patient at only two weeks post primary rhinoplasty. No makeup. There is minimal bruising and minimal swelling. Preservation and Structural techniques were used to create a completely natural and elegant nose. My patient had typical concerns of breathing issues, a crooked nose, a large bump with a bulbous droopy tip and excessive nostril view. The bulbous droopy tip is nicely refined and supported. The nostril shape is neat and the excessive nostril view corrected. The tip no longer plunges with smiling.
  2. No makeup – only two weeks post Revision Rhinoplasty. In the front facing photos of this lovely, happy patient I have highlighted the Dorsal Aesthetic Lines and Tip Contours. Dorsal Aesthetic Lines refer to the shadows of the side nasal walls. Ideally they should run symmetrically down the nose diverging slightly at the tip and finishing there. Shadows crossing the nostril rim can look unsatisfactory and give the appearance of a bulbous tip. Unfortunately my patient had previous surgery performed elsewhere which left her with deformity of the nose and difficulty breathing. The nose was crooked and irregular on the front view. The bulbous tip was twisted, to the right there was a slight saddle on the profile and the columella was hanging. The patient requested a straight more defined nose on the front view with refinement and lifting of the tip and correction of the hanging columella. Structural techniques were used to create a completely natural looking and elegant nose. There is no bruising and only minor swelling. The nose is straight and narrower on the front view with defined dorsal aesthetic lines.The tip is nicely refined, defined and supported. The hanging columella is resolved and the nostril shape is neat.
  3. Lateral view of same patient, pictured two weeks post Revision Rhinoplasty, with no makeup.

Outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect what another person may experience. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks which you should discuss in detail with your surgeon.



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