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RADIANCE is Intrinsic – Meet Jacqueline

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Blog

Dr George Marcells has assembled his “A Team” to help ensure each person’s experience is as welcoming, comfortable, discreet, uniquely tailored and professional as possible.

While Dr Marcells’ no.1 focus is on listening to his patients and performing facial plastic surgery to achieve (and sometimes exceed) their desired outcomes – his “A team” creates the environment where this is possible.

Once you’ve booked in to see Dr Marcells, one of the first people you’ll meet is Practice Manager, Jacqueline Wigan, RN.

On Arrival

Jacqui’s approach is to ‘keep it real’ and help you feel relaxed. As with each prospective facial plastic surgery patient, once you arrive at the clinic, she runs through your general medical history and provides basic information about what to expect. This background briefing is about getting to know you and helps focus the valuable consultation time with Dr Marcells for your maximum benefit.

Jacqui’s role in patient communications is from start to finish. Her training as a Registered Nurse and extensive experience in working with Dr Marcells since 2008 means she understands the intricacies of your patient journey.

Your Go-To

On a day to day basis, Jacqui is in touch with all aspects: overseeing and co-ordinating; providing reassurances when necessary; guiding you through each step of preparation and recovery.

Following your initial consultation with Dr Marcells, she provides a quote for your chosen procedure, including hospital and anaesthetist fees. From that point onwards, Jacqui is your no.1 go-to.


Maddie books the patient in for their facial plastic surgery procedure and then their file comes to me,” says Jacqui, “We will go through and assess if they need to talk to an anaesthetist, what medications they are on, or any special needs to be aware of prior to surgery or prior to a consult with George. It is not only about getting excited for their procedure; it is about safety.”

In preparing you for your facial plastic surgery procedure, Jacqui will:

  • Explain what you need to do; what you must avoid
  • Ensure you read ‘expectations and complications’ forms.

“Facial plastic surgery is a process of making sure you are aware of your consent. With the right information provided, not being rushed or pressured and having your questions answered, it’s informed consent.”


Feeling cared for every step of the way is essential. After your surgery, as well as the follow-up directly from Dr Marcells, it’s highly likely you will receive a visit in hospital or otherwise a call from Jacqui, checking in to see how you are.

Relationship building is key to your comfort.

Behind the Scenes

Being Practice Manager for Dr Marcells is a very involved role. As well as overseeing the patient care, ensuring a healthy, safe workplace for team members is part of her brief.

Implementing Covid_19 safety measures for the clinic is a recent example of work directed by Jacqui. This was second nature to her, building on previous experience as Staff Health Co-ordinator in the Centre for Epidemiology; a public health role that involved infection control, counselling, educating staff to avoid unnecessary injuries, co-ordinating annual flu season vaccinations and creating policies (that are still in use today).

A Typical Day

“No two days are the same,” says Jacqui. “It’s diverse and people-oriented working with Dr Marcells.”

From co-ordinating and liaising with anaesthetists, the hospital, and other allied health services to staying across the details of each person’s procedure as well as managing administration and connections with external agencies… it’s fair to say that Jacqui shines in this role.

“Seeing people happy, and even if they are not, reassuring them it will be OK is what makes me happy every day.”

Practice Manager, Jacqui Wigan, RN









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