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Open Structure Rhinoplasty: Why I Favour This Approach

by | Jun 20, 2012 | Blog, Rhinoplasty

The decision to undergo any form of elective surgery is one that needs to be preceded by thorough research.

If you are considering undergoing a rhinoplasty – or nose surgery – procedure it is worthwhile not only considering which surgeon you wish to trust, but also taking the time to understand more about the techniques they have adopted.

A successful rhinoplasty procedure improves both the function and form of the nose. In other words, as well as being able to breathe better, the aesthetic outcome will be a nose that is in harmony with the face; a nose that looks ‘natural’ and not ‘worked on’.

While accepting that there is always some risk to consider with any procedure, the result of a successful rhinoplasty will be long lasting. The nose will retain it’s shape, be strong, and resist collapse.

Sometimes patients are referred to me after an unsuccessful operation performed elsewhere. It can be very traumatic for patients to undergo surgery that then requires revision.

Advantages of Open Structure Rhinoplasty

The open structure rhinoplasty technique requires advanced training to perform, and is by far the most thorough and structurally sound approach.

This technique involves a specific series of surgical manouvres using the patient’s own cartilage as structural grafts to maintain the nose’s shape.

A further advantage of the open structure approach is that it provides greater visibility to the internal structures of the nose so that the surgeon can then perform more precise work than with other approaches to nose surgery.

When you consider that even a small change to the shape of someone’s nose can make a big difference to the overall facial harmony, having greater access, control and visibility is preferable.

The open structure rhinoplasty technique takes the surgeon longer to perform than traditional methods, but when this translates to ongoing patient satisfaction it is well worth it.

Together with Associate Professor Richard Harvey I am continuously studying the long-term results from open structure rhinoplasty techniques and presenting the findings to other surgeons at international and local conferences.

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