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Nervous about making your first call? Don’t be

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Blog

It’s understandable to feel a little nervous (or a sense of anticipation) about making your first call to enquire about facial plastic surgery.

After all, it’s your nose, your eyes, your face that we’re talking about.

Whether you’re interested in a face, neck or browlift, rhinoplasty  (nose), blepharoplasty (eye lids), or otoplasty (ears)… it’s an important enquiry and there are so many things to consider along the way.

We will discuss these considerations in other blogs… today, we’re introducing Maddie, the person who is most likely to answer the phone when you first call.

“My role is all about communication,” says Maddie, who has been working with Dr Marcells for 3.5 years. “From the moment someone calls with an enquiry and books in to see Dr Marcells to when they first enter the premises, I want to ensure it is a comfortable experience.”

Key to Maddie’s approach is being attentive, and the fact that she loves her role also helps people feel more relaxed.

“Many different people call the offices of Dr Marcells every day, each with a range of questions, depending on the level of research they have already done.”

“The caller may be excited to finally be booking in for a consultation about a procedure they have wanted for some time. They ask questions about fees, what is involved, how long it takes, and the recovery.”

“I can answer initial enquiries and email basic information but for anything medical,  Jacqui, our Practice Manager who is a knowledgeable registered nurse can advise prior to the consultation with Dr Marcells in person.”

“We also get a lot of nervous callers, especially if the person has had a bad experience with surgery elsewhere and are now seeking a revision procedure. Dr Marcells not only performs primary facial plastic surgeries, where someone has carefully researched their procedure, had their questions answered and elected to go ahead for the first time, he is also often referred to for revision procedures.”

There is normally a one-two month wait for a consultation with Dr Marcells, however with the extra measures being taken for Covid-related safety, patients may need to schedule several months ahead.

“People usually don’t mind waiting for Dr Marcells’ availability, especially when they have done their research. Of course, we always try to accommodate everyone’s needs and keep a wait-list which can sometimes bring things forward.”

As well as scheduling appointments for Dr Marcells, greeting and welcoming patients to the clinic, Maddie has a special interest and skills in skincare.

So, if you have any questions about skincare, or are considering facial plastic surgery, don’t be shy about taking the first step. Ask Maddie.

“Having had that initial contact on the phone, it’s always really nice meeting in person,” she says.



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