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Natural Looking Face and Neck Lift Results

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Blog

What are some of the features of a natural looking face and neck lift? And how are these achieved?

A natural looking face and neck lift result is one where there are no obvious or telling signs that any ‘work’ has been done. The person looks rejuvenated, with greater definition of their facial features restored and in proportion.

Typical improvements include:

  • A more defined jawline; no more jowls!
  • A smoother, more youthful-looking neckline; no more “turkey neck”!
  • More pronounced cheekbones; less droop from excess skin!

When combined with an eyebrow or eyelid (blepharoplasty) procedure, there will also be less “hooding” of excess skin over the eyes.

Well performed, facial plastic surgery is very much about tailoring to the individual, enhancing their desired features and keeping things in balance and harmony. Making even small changes to one area of the face impacts on the overall symmetry.

Facial plastic surgery is complex and requires expertise to perform well. An aesthetic sensibility, advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and surgical skill are all prerequisites.

I’ve been practicing facial plastic surgery for decades and over this time I’ve seen a lot of changes in the approach, expectations and outcomes for patients.

Not every approach to facelifting provides natural looking results that are in proportion.

Nobody wants to emerge from a procedure looking like they have had ‘work’ done.

Excessive pulling of the skin where someone looks like they have been through a wind tunnel, and frozen, is thankfully not as commonly seen these days as in days gone by. But there are still countless examples of unsatisfactory outcomes – either due to poor technique, inferior approach, a less experienced surgeon or unexpected complications.

An experienced and skilled facial plastic surgeon is able to select from multiple techniques available and advise on the best approach for the individual.

The deep plane face and neck lift is the most advanced approach and one performed by relatively few surgeons worldwide. In my experience, it offers more predictable outcomes than other approaches, turning the appearance clock back for my patients by up to 15 years.

Recovery time is less, scarring is less visible (incisions are made by the hairline which is easily covered), and patients report looking like themselves, only younger! Deep plane facelifts are natural because the patient’s own ligaments are re-tensioned and repositioned.

I’ve already written a lot about the deep plane face and neck lift – you can read some of my recent posts here:

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Photos and video show changes two weeks post Deep Plane Face and Necklift. Outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect what another person may experience. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks which we discuss in detail as well as answering any of your questions during consultation.


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