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Introducing 2 Great Ways to Save Your Skin

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Blog

Plummeting mercury is one indicator that winter is coming on fast. Another is the increase in patients visiting our medispa in Edgecliff eager to change their skin care routine. That attitude gets two thumbs up from Dr Marcells. “As the weather changes, so should the ways you treat your skin.”

What is it about winter that is so challenging? In an article on seasonal skincare, the Huffington Post listed these factors:

  • Skin is exposed to temperature extremes: cold outside and hot inside
  • Lower humidity and drier air
  • Air-controlled offices and homes that tend to be drying
  • Additional layers of clothing (often responsible for a skin condition nicknamed “winter itch)
  • An increase in warmer/hot showers and baths

This brings us to the subject of today’s blog: Dr Marcells has two exciting ways to ensure your skin gets the nourishment, moisture, and TLC it needs to stand up against cold temperatures and dry heat this winter.

First, Find an Expert Who Isn’t Just Skin Deep

You’re not the only person who cares about your skin. So does our in-office derma-expert Cheryl. Cheryl is one of our two new “secret weapons” at About Face. She wants to help you save your skin with

  • Innovative tools and techniques to conquer visible signs of facial ageing
  • Customised home-use products tailored to your skins needs
  • Examinations to keep your skin stay healthy

Skin care is Cheryl’s passion as well as her profession. She has impeccable credentials and is experienced treating a wide range of skin conditions and concerns…from every angle. “Healthy skin is beautiful skin,” she explains, “That’s the reason I trained intensively and keep current with the latest medical science regarding my profession.”

One golden nugget Cheryl has learned over the years is the value of getting to know her patients in depth. “There’s a world of difference between the skincare routines I’d recommend for a ski enthusiast, a beach bunny, and a woman who’s pregnant,” she says. Cheryl takes the time to find out about a person’s skin history, their lifestyle, work place, and anything else that may impact their skincare.

Second, Let Dermaceutic Laboratoire Make You Beautiful

The second exciting new option we have to offer our patients this winter is skin help from Dermaceutic Laboratoire. Our team can pick and choose from their meticulously formulated full range of cosmeceuticals to prepare, optimise and maintain the results of all aesthetic treatments. These products are exclusively available to skin care specialists.

Dermaceutic Laboratoire also has a special line of peeling options for specific skin problems. “What my clients really appreciate is that they have been formulated for optimum results with little discomfort,” says Cheryl. “I’m a big believer in less pain, but more gain.”

Seasonal Care for Sensational Skin

It’s always the right season to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh your skin. About Face is waiting to help you do all three. Talk with Cheryl or one of our other experts and learn more about our wonderful array of anti-ageing procedures and skincare treatments! Please reach out and give us the opportunity to serve you.

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