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by | Jul 28, 2022 | Blog, Facelift

By now, readers of my blogs and those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook will have developed an awareness of the Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift.

Unless this is your first time here, you’ll already have gleaned that:

  • I consider the Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift is superior to other approaches to facelifting.
  • It requires advanced skills and training and, as such, there are only a small group of surgeons worldwide who perform it.
  • I was the first to perform this in Australia, having learned directly from the surgeon who pioneered this approach, Dr Neil Gordon, over a decade ago.
  • I am now invited to share my insights, experience and skill with the Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift with other surgeons locally and internationally.

If you’ve regularly seen the before and after photos I’ve posted, while noting that each person’s results are unique, you’ll have an appreciation of the following:

  • Results tend to be natural looking, taking years off a person’s appearance, without any tell-tale signs of surgery having been performed
  • There is no pulled skin look
  • There is no visible scarring (as incisions can be hidden in the hairline)
  • Facial features are harmonised – there is nothing exaggerated or out of proportion.
  • It involves faster healing and recovery than the other, more superficial, approaches to facelifting.
  • There is less swelling after the surgery is performed

Not only is there generally a faster recovery, results last longer.

The Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift repositions the deep soft tissues of the face – by lifting the whole face, it accentuates the jawline, neck and cheekbones.

The results speak for themselves, as does the positive feedback and increasing numbers of people enquiring about whether the Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift is right for them.

For more information or to book a consultation, contact us.

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Photos featured in this blog post show a patient before and three weeks after her Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift procedure.

  • No makeup!

My patient had noticed signs of ageing including loose skin on the jawline (jowls) and loose skin and soft tissue in the neck. She wanted to deal with these issues before they became more obvious.

In the photos three weeks post-op, note the natural, elegant, youthful jawline and neck contour. There is no pulled look or redundant neck tissue.

Those in the know understand that Deep Plane Face and Neck Lifts look natural because the patient’s own ligaments are retensioned and repositioned. Deep Plane is ideal for younger or older patients.

Outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect what another person may experience. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks which we discuss in detail as well as answering any of your questions during consultation.






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