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Help for Droopy Neck Skin

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Blog, Facelift

Most people overlook something important when it comes to facial rejuvenation. It’s the skin on their necks. Loose, crepe-y skin at your throat makes your face look older, too, from straight on and from the side. It’s one reason neck scarves are popular fashion accessories for older individuals. For people looking for a more permanent solution, we recommend a specific kind of facelift, one that treats problems with the neck, too.

Why Facial Skin Takes the Plunge as We Age

Blame gravity. Gravity literally pulls lax skin from the lower face to the neck. Adding insult to injury, the ligaments in your neck begin to loosen as you age, giving rise to ageing vertical neck bands. That’s just the beginning. As you age, your body’s natural processes begin to change and your facial skin

  • Stops producing collagen
  • Loses subcutaneous fat
  • Suffers damage due to a build-up of environmental factors

Are You Giving Yourself a Droopy Neck

Are you a tech head? Australia is filled with them. In February 2018, Nielsen reported that 15 million Australians accessed online content, with smartphones as their device of choice. Unfortunately, there is a link between being a tech head and having the neck of a crypt keeper. Dynamic wrinkles form when we bend our necks and then disappear…in theory. When used excessively, as they are when we scrunch our neck to talk on a mobile phone, neck wrinkles go from dynamic to static and remain visible at all times.

The only way to repair tech neck is with surgery. The only way to prevent tech neck is to limit your device time.

This Face Lift Helps Necks, Too

A cosmetic procedure called platysmaplasty removes excess skin and fat from the neck to erase wrinkles and creases while simultaneously creating a slimmer profile. In this procedure, age-related chin fat is removed and the vertical cords and bands in the neck are tightened through a small hidden incision under the chin. For patients who want more than just their necks rejuvenated, a deep plane facelift offers an all-in-one solution.

The deep plane procedure is unique among face lift techniques in its ability to rejuvenate the neck as well as the face. Dr Marcells repositions soft tissues below the SMAS layer, releasing them from the underlying muscles and reattaching them at higher anchor points. This process enables the whole face to be lifted, giving better definition to the jaw and neckline, too. It is the ultimate form of facial rejuvenation.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Facelifts in Edgecliff

If your face is saying one thing about your age while your neck tells a different story, we recommend that you let Dr Marcells join the conversation and provide a happy ending to your tale. Please use our online enquiry form or call us to discover how you can reverse visible signs of facial ageing by rejuvenating your neck.

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