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Healing Time

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Blog, Facelift

It’s counter-intuitive: going deeper brings faster results. How is this so?

Photos taken before and at only two weeks after Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift


It is the gold standard in face and neck lifting and only a handful of surgeons in Australia are experienced in performing it.

With the Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift, there is typically:

  • Less swelling
  • Less bruising
  • More natural-looking results
  • No “pulled” skin.

Key features accentuated include:

  • A more defined jawline – farewell jowls!
  • An elegant neck – loose skin be gone!
  • Hello cheekbones!

Photos show patient before and two weeks after Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift


What sets the Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift apart is that it repositions the deeper tissue layers and there is less disruption of the lymphatics.

This explains why there is typically less bruising, swelling and down-time when compared with other facelift procedures.

I provide detailed instructions guiding my patients in how they can best support their post-op healing process at home.

Lifestyle habits including rest, gentle exercise, hydration, sun protection, eating fresh and vital food, and maintaining strong connections with friends, family and community all make a difference.


While everyone’s experience is unique, most of my patients are ready to face the world with a renewed sense of confidence in ten days to two weeks post-surgery.

Photos show patient before and two weeks after Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift


The Deep Plane Face and Neck lift can take decades off a person’s appearance. Because it is a structurally sound approach, results also last longer than from other methods.

Inside Out or Outside In?

It is fascinating to also observe the relationship between how we look and how we feel.

If you’re considering undergoing a facial plastic surgery procedure:

  • Check the credentials and experience of your surgeon,
  • Ask to see results of other patients who have had the procedure with them,
  • Factor in healing time,
  • Keep it real! From your initial consultation and into your future, communication is key.
  • Ensure all your questions are answered.

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Main Photos at start of this blog show patient before and only three weeks after Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift.


Outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect what another person may experience. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks which we discuss in detail in your consultation.










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