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Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Blog, Facelift

Love is in the air. It’s also on TV, in the newspapers, online, and wherever you look. Happy Valentine’s Day 2022.

Whether you’re a cynic or a romantic, it’s hard to escape the amorous messaging of this day of love:

  • CYNIC: Spend money, it’s Valentine’s Day
  • ROMANTIC: Celebrate love, it’s Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Facial Plastic Surgery procedures, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to check your motivations.


Self-love is an inside job – a Deep Plane Facelift isn’t going to give you that. Sure, feeling better about the way you look can impact your sense of self-esteem.

But, making the decision about whether this procedure is right for you requires your mental health to be in a good place.

A facelift won’t intrinsically bring you love.

But if you have a good sense of self-worth to start with, you’re in the right place and headspace to do your research into what your options are.


Needless to say, it’s all about you!

Don’t ever do anything like facial plastic surgery for anyone else but you.

And, if you want to book a consultation to begin asking questions, don’t feel bad about that either!

One of my recent Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift patients discovered that she needed to overcome stereotypes about the type of woman/person who even has a procedure, before giving herself permission to begin exploring:

  1. Admitting she was not happy with her appearance
  2. Researching her options


  • “I’m not going to change who she/he is”
  • “Is this safe?”

In my experience, loving partners, family members of friends seek assurance that you’ll be well cared for, listened to, and not altered to the extent that you’re un-recognisable to them.

Your people love you!

I recommend bringing someone you feel close to along to your initial consultation. This has many benefits:

  • Someone else hears the many things we discuss and can act as a reference point for you. That is, you can discuss with them and de-brief on anything that is shared in your consultation/s
  • Sometimes your significant other/s need reassurance, too.


It’s the details you are likely not even to have considered yet that make the biggest difference. Some patients have commented on the level of care they received in gestures such as being personally taken to the Meriton Apartments by my valued team and keeping in touch post their facial plastic surgery procedure.

These things may be second nature to us, however, from the feedback we receive they make all the difference.

We all have good days and bad days. Self-love in reality may not be something we can hand-on-heart say we feel 24/7 x 365 … but it needs to be our touchstone, our basis for checking if anything is a “yes” or a “no”, … no matter what.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us.

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Photos featured in this blog post show changes two weeks post Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift and Brow Lift with me as well as upper and lower blepharoplasty with Dr Angelo Tsirbas. Outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect what another person may experience. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks which we discuss in detail as well as answering any of your questions during consultation.












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