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Give Yourself a Face Lift with Cosmetics

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Blog

Dr Marcells is a master of the deep plane facelift technique, but that doesn’t mean we recommend it for all our patients. “There are a range of options for rejuvenating the face,” he explains, “but there are also many things that can be done with make-up to mimic the benefits of surgical and non-invasive treatments.”

Your Cosmetics Facelift Kit

Here’s what you need to lay down the right base:

  • A stick foundation that is 2 shades darker than your regular colour
  • A stick foundation that is two shades lighter than your regular colour

You will use these tools to map your facial contours. This should be the first step in your makeup routine. Contour before you put on foundation, say the experts.

  • Start with the darker stick
    • Trace the hollows of your temples and, if you have a larger forehead, carry the colour straight into the hairline. This will minimise it.
    • Shadow the hollow part of your cheekbones. Apply colour on the sides of your nose to minimise it. A dark line down the middle of the nose that goes into the brow will lengthen it and add width.
  • Now use the lighter stick
    • Concentrate the lighter foundation stick underneath your eyes.
    • Also highlight the centre of the forehead and chin to help them standout.
    • A lighter colour on the bridge of the nose will also make it more prominent.

When your contouring is done, apply your favourite foundation. If you’ve done the job well, the face that looks back at you in the mirror will look younger. Forehead lines and wrinkles are less visible. Prominent, plump-looking cheekbones and un-sunken eyes work together to give your mid-face a lift. Chin contouring restores a firmer, youthful jawline.

Tips for Better Facial Contouring with Makeup

You don’t have to have a cosmetologist to the stars on call to help you achieve your face lift with makeup. Just follow easy suggestions:

  • Choose your foundations wiselyMake-up and skincare products are to vital in ongoing care. Dr Marcells recommends going to your preferred make up consultant to be colour matched to your skin tone. At About Face our skin care range has been specially chosen to your individual needs and ongoing care reports Dr Marcells. Our skincare specialist Maddie, will advise you and provide a skin care program.


  • Choose your corrector colours wisely – Most eyes will benefit from a pink or peach tone-corrector. For a double-hit of rejuvenation, add a yellow-toned concealer on top of the corrector. Apply them to the inner corner of the eye and close to the lashes to create bright, youthful eyes.


  • Pay attention to your eye crease – Applying a taupe eye shadow to the crease of your eyelids makes eyes look larger.


  • Choose lips colours with care – Creamy lipsticks with a glossy finish perk up the entire face. Choose colours that harmonise with your skin tones. Don’t go too dark or too light, say make-up gurus.

If you don’t like the results you see, don’t worry. Practice makes perfect. After all, the Mona Lisa wasn’t painted overnight.

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