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Gaining Popularity: Rhinoplasty for Men

by | May 20, 2016 | Blog, Rhinoplasty

Last year, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released data that confirms what Dr Marcells has noted: more men are having nose surgery than ever before. In this article, we look at some of the reasons.

Like all facial plastic surgery procedures, a successful rhinoplasty is as much an art as it is a science. It demands a mastery of a variety of surgical techniques, meticulous execution, and an aesthetic understanding of nasal anatomy. Patients benefit from Dr George Marcells’ years of experience performing and perfecting this delicate procedure.

He knows precisely what to do to achieve the results his patients desire.

6 Reasons Rhinoplasty is Popular with Men

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgeries Dr Marcells performs. Here are some reasons why men have gotten on the rhinoplasty bandwagon:

  1. Because men are now as free as women to pursue cosmetic surgery goals.
  2. Because they’re unhappy with a nose that is off centre, has a big, bulbous, or droopy tip, is too wide or too thin, has a ski jump look or bump.
  3. Because they want a more aesthetically pleasing profile.
  4. Because they want to enhance their appearance, but not look like a different person.
  5. Because they want to repair the visible signs of an old injury.

Because they want to address breathing problems such as a deviated septum.

Dr Marcells Explains 3 Types of Rhinoplasty

In the end, each patient has his own combination of reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty. These reasons, along with a patient’s anatomy, are important elements that Dr Marcells considers when creating a custom-tailored surgical plan. The first step is to determine which rhinoplasty surgery is appropriate:

  • Functional rhinoplasty – Nasal airway obstruction may be the result of an injury, a congenital defect, previous surgery, or a combination of these factors. Functional rhinoplasty corrects the nasal structures to remove obstructions and restore breathing function. It can, at the same time, improve the aesthetics of the nose if the patient desires.
  • Primary rhinoplasty is used to change the size, shape and orientation of the nose. Primary rhinoplasty can also improve functional problems.
  • Reconstructive rhinoplasty – Reconstructive or tertiary rhinoplasty is designed to correct issues that are a result of prior ineffective surgeries, trauma or tumour surgery. These rhinoplasties usually require difficult manipulations, multiple stages and/or tissue grafting for proper results. Dr Marcells is experienced in addressing the multitude of variables in reconstruction (or revision) rhinoplasty to ensure that his patients enjoy optimal results.

Rhinoplasty for Men and Women in Bondi Junction

Dr George Marcells has helped hundreds of men and women with rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is a proven solution for facial features that lack harmony and balance, and for breathing passages that won’t let the air in. If you would like to know about this popular cosmetic procedure that can offer real medical benefits, too, please use our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 555 095 to get answers.

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Dr George Marcells is known for excellence in facial plastic surgery and is considered a true master of rhinoplasty. He performs advanced surgical techniques to restore balance and harmony to the face and can also resolve functional issues such as breathing difficulties.

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