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Facelifts at 40: It’s About a Personal Best

by | May 6, 2016 | Blog, Facelift

Is 40 the new 60 when it comes to facial enhancement? It appears to be. More and more men and women in their 40’s are visiting Dr George Marcells for facelift surgery. In the prime of their lives, this growing patient demographic is less interested in looking young than in achieving a personal best in their appearance.

Patients often say that the face they see looking back at them in the mirror doesn’t reflect how they think of themselves. This psychological disconnect is especially common with people in their 40’s who are eager for their outward appearance to match the people they are on the inside. 

They’re in good hands with Dr Marcells. His custom-tailored approach to aesthetic enhancement and mastery of a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures, including the innovative deep plane face and neck lift, help to ensure that all patients achieve their individual goals.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Facelift at 40?

In the 20th Century, the answer to this question would have been easy: no. It was very rare for surgeons to perform facial cosmetic surgery on patients under 50 because the surgery often led to results including:

  • Hyper-elevation of the brow
  • Elevation of the frontal hairline
  • Loss of sideburns in men

That was a real shame for patients in their 40’s whose facial appearance was not to their liking due to genetics, sun exposure, and even lifestyle choices. With the evolution of facelift techniques, however, contemporary surgeons have a broader range of options. 

Today they can perform facelift procedures that improve a patient’s features and minimise scarring without radically changing the appearance of a more youthful, 40-something patient.

Regardless of age, a facelift is advisable when less-invasive facial rejuvenation methods no longer suffice.

“Chronological age isn’t the determining factor into whether you should have a facelift. The question is whether the changes you desire to make to your facial appearance can be achieved with a facelift.”  – Dr Marcells

21st Century cosmetic procedures provide natural-looking results, enhancing a patient’s natural assets in a subtle and desirable way. Dr Marcells is extremely experienced in diagnosing a patient’s facial anatomy. He uses his skills as a highly trained surgeon to determine whether a patient’s face is a “good fit” for a facelift at 40 and which procedures are advisable.

Facelifts in Your 40’s with Dr George Marcells

Everything Dr Marcells does is designed to help his patients’ look and feel better than they ever have before. Whether you would like to know more surgical facelifts or minimally invasive treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections, please use our online enquiry form or call our practice on 1300 555 095.

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Past President – Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons

Dr George Marcells is known for excellence in facial plastic surgery and is considered a true master of rhinoplasty. He performs advanced surgical techniques to restore balance and harmony to the face and can also resolve functional issues such as breathing difficulties.

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