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Facelift: How Long Does It Last?

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Blog

The Deep Plane Face and Necklift is the gold standard and can take years off a person’s appearance.

What it doesn’t do is stop the ageing process altogether.

For this reason, it’s worth considering “how long will it last”?

This may seem like a strange question but to put it in perspective, while the facelift has a rejuvenating impact nothing is static. Our cells are constantly in motion and the privilege of ageing well is accompanied by predictable changes in our appearance over time.

A natural looking result is one which accentuates your best features – typically by reducing excess, sagging skin, revealing more defined facial contours, cheekbones and jawline.

One of my patients (pictured) had a deep plane facelift with me nine years ago. She wanted to address her sagging neck muscle and loose jawline.

Nine years ago with loose jawline and sagging skin and muscle in the neck

Shortly after original deep plane facelift showing defined jawline and neck contours

After nine years even though she still looked great she just started to notice the signs of the natural continuing ageing process.

Nine years after original facelift; slight recurrence of loose neck skin and muscle (however still markedly improved)

Having such a good experience first up she was very happy to repeat the process.

Six weeks after revision Deep Plane Face and Neckift with improved techniques creating an even better, natural-looking result

I think that Deep Plane Face and Necklifts give the most natural and long-lasting results.
They take the tension off the skin so there is no “pulled” look. Deep Plane Face and Necklifts look natural because the patient’s own ligaments are retensioned and repositioned.

However, everyone continues to age after surgery and recurring signs of ageing are inevitable. Some age faster than others.

From time to time I do a minor “tuck up” one to two years post op. However most people will get close to ten years “mileage“ before they consider revision.
Always the aim is to create natural looking rejuvenation.

The Deep Plane Face and Necklift requires less time for healing than a skin only or a standard facelift. Only a small group of highly skilled surgeons perform this procedure worldwide.

If you’d like to find out more, contact us.

Outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect what another person may experience. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks which we discuss in detail as well as answering any of your questions during consultation.

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