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Eyra Care Cosmeceuticals Range – Part 2

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Blog, Skin Care

Prevention is always better than cure. It is best to begin your routine skin care regimens early, long before you see fine lines develop on your face. Pamper your skin with routine care. Protecting your skin from sun damage, the elements and pollutants on a routine basis and keeping it cleansed and well nourished will help avert early skin ageing that make you appear older than you actually are. Good skin care, chosen for your specific needs, can help prolong and enhance the effects of professional skin care treatments, such as glycolic peels and microdermabrasion.

Eyra Care has a number of applications tailored to your own specific skin care needs.

Anti-Acne Program

Acne is the combined result of infection, inflammation, sebum production, poor exfoliation and hormonal influences. Most people develop acne during adolescence, but it can continue into the mid-twenties and beyond. The Eyra Care Anti-Acne Program has been developed to reduce sebum and treat infections caused by five major acne causative bacteria, without harsh peroxides or antibiotics.

The Acne Cleansing Scrub has been formulated for use on the face, neck, décolletage and back to reduce outbreaks. The Eyra Care Acne Serum can be used as a spot treatment or for a whole face treatment.

Eyra Care Anti-Acne products can be used alone or together to produce a synergetic effect.

Anti-Ageing Program

The Eyra Care Anti-Ageing regime is made of high potency formulations containing 1% Retinyl and Lipo-Chromin 6.  Retinyls are Vitamin A derivatives that increase cellular turnover, exfoliate the outer layer of thick skin and remediate skin pigmentation by interacting with cellular nuclear receptors.

Lipo-Chromin 6 is a super anti-oxidant whose molecules can ‘mop up’ free radicals that damage the skin’s natural repair mechanisms. Eyra Care Anti-Ageing products have been designed to enable trans-dermal delivery, allowing key ingredients to reach below the skin’s surface to the growth layer below.

Eyra Care Anti-Ageing Program is available as a serum or a cream. Regular use of these products can bring about smoother, refined and de-pigmented skin that reflects youthful vitality.

Lightening Program

Eyra Care Lightening Program makes use of nature’s ingenuity to lighten skin pigmentation without the harshness and irritation commonly experienced with other skin lightening products.

A rainforest-harvested botanical tyronase inhibitor suppresses the biochemical pathway that increases pigmentation and darkens the skin.

Non-greasy Eyra Care Lightening Cream can be used in the morning or at night, and complements any treatment regime. For daytime use, apply to cleansed skin and follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen for best protection.

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