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Eyra Care Cosmeceuticals Range – Part 1

by | May 24, 2013 | Blog, Skin Care

Ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, acne—we all have some complaint or other about our skin. Even the most fortunate person skin-wise may one day need the help of cosmeceuticals to improve their complexion. No matter what your age, for a smooth, healthy and radiant skin, Dr Marcells recommends Eyra Care, a line of cosmeceuticals especially formulated to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin.

Cosmeceuticals are skin care and cosmetic products with therapeutic or medicinal properties. Many cosmetic and skin care products claim therapeutic qualities of one kind or another. Some of these products actually contain ingredients with therapeutic benefits, backed by solid research and testing. But many brands on the market are not backed by science or even evidence of therapeutic value. This is why Dr Marcells does not hesitate to recommend Eyra Care. He knows their ingredients and therapeutic benefits very well, because he was a co-creator of the Eyra Care product range together with Dr Gabrielle M. Caswell.

The Eyra Care products, created and produced in Australia, have not only been formulated for their therapeutic benefits; they have also been developed to meet the needs and preferences of patients. This range has also been created with surgical patients in mind. As the skin becomes oily, dry and flaky as a result of surgery this skin care will assist with rebalance.

Says Dr Marcells:

“People, and I don’t just mean women, are particular about the products they use on their skin. They don’t buy products just for the therapeutic or cosmetic properties. Many factors come into play when people buy them, and just because a product is recommended by a doctor does not mean they will continue to use it. We have seen this happen again and again. They may try it once, but give up if there is something about it they do not like.

“People have strong personal preferences for gels or a cream or a serum. They care whether the application leaves their skin greasy or shiny. Some like mildly scented products, while others spurn anything that has a noticeable scent. In creating our products, we need to look at what people want and what qualities besides therapeutics that they value.

“It’s no secret that people like products and medications that are easy and convenient to use. In fact, most people give up on products that for some reason are bothersome to use.  Even a very minor reason is enough.

“Especially with skin care maintenance products, one-off use is unlikely to produce discernible results. They are meant for routine care and require extended use to produce real benefits. For such a scenario, we need to create products that people will love to use.

“We wanted to provide a wide choice to consumers, so most products in the Eyra Care range come in different forms, like creams and gels. And they can be used together with other routine care products they may already be using. On their own or in combination with other products, Eyra Care cosmeceuticals will work on your skin to make it fresh and radiant 24/7.

Routine care is vital to good skin

“As facial plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians, we examine skin and faces all the time. We see first hand how skin can suffer from sun damage, excessive oil, dust, infections, dryness and general neglect. Although ageing is inevitable, all hope need not be lost. You can still do something about protecting and caring for your skin.

“Good skin, especially as you grow older, is not just about genes. You cannot neglect your good skin for years, then throw up your hands and say ‘I age badly, my skin is terrible’ when lines and wrinkles appear. There are many things you can do to protect and save your skin from harm, long before traces of time and damage appear in the mirror. It’s best to get started early. If you want to look great regardless of your age, you need to be proactive, especially as you grow older.

“Taking care of your skin is like raising kids—you have to keep doing your best right from the beginning. And when bad things happen, you can’t just give up saying ‘nature trumps nurture’. You just keep on trying, nurturing your skin as much as you can, and keeping your fingers crossed for the rest. Our skins, like our kids, will for the most part respond positively to our nurturing.

“Nurturing and caring for your skin with a daily regimen of Eyra Care products will leave your skin healthy and radiant. Typically, good care produces good results and will help reduce, or at least delay, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and other signs of advancing age.

In my next blog piece, I’ll talk about the different skin care treatments I offer my patients.

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