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Our Nurses: Excellence is Everything

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Blog


Every person in Dr Marcells’ team plays a critical role in providing you with the high level of patient care you anticipate.

Registered Nurse, Melissa MacLeod says it best:

“Each person is integral to the whole. Everyone working here with Dr Marcells wants to do the best they can…. and it can’t be ‘just good’; best practice is excellence.”

Cultivating a healthy, supportive workplace with the right person assigned to each task is key.

Melissa’s Experience

Melissa has been working with Dr Marcells for over two decades. She is trained as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, with certification to work in the Operating Theatre. As well as working alongside Dr Marcells, assisting in many facial plastic surgery procedures, Melissa’s passion and previous experience includes life-saving open heart surgery.

Melissa MacLeod, RN

Having observed the intricacies of a diverse range of procedures being performed in operating theatres Melissa understands facial anatomy and the unique language used amongst practitioners in the medical field.

This background translates to confidence in her current role and an ease in following instructions as required for each different patient.

“There is a set plan post-operatively from Dr Marcells and we follow that, whether it be removing splints from the patient’s nose or sutures following a facelift.”

Observing the process of wound healing after removing bandages and then re-dressing the wound so that it can continue to repair is part of the care provided by Melissa or Krisztina Szilagyi.

“We are in the background to answer any patient questions that are a normal part of wound healing, including about medications, dressings and any care-oriented concerns along the way.”


Krisztina’s Experience

 You may meet Krisztina before and after surgery. Her role includes:

  • Preparing patients pre and post-surgery
  • Post-operative care – assisting in splint/suture/cast removal
  • Advising post-operative care instructions
  • Assisting Dr Marcells throughout clinic days
  • Performing nasal airway assessments pre and post-surgery
Krisztina for blog

Krisztina Szilagyi

As well as these patient-focused tasks, Krisztina also attends to administration tasks including:

  • Stock control
  • Answering emails and post-operative calls
  • Updating patient records
  • Booking in appointments for patients

Being a part of the patient’s journey from start to finish, working with a great team delivering continuity of care are some of the things Krisztina appreciates about her role.


Excellence is everything

“Dr Marcells strives to ensure his staff are well-educated with any procedure and is always willing to answer any questions,” says Krisztina. “Dr Marcells is one of 80 surgeons worldwide who can perform the deep plane facelift, and it is unique to work with a surgeon of his skills and expertise.”

“Witnessing the joy when a patient sees their final result is always very uplifting,” she says.


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