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Early Bird Special: How to Prevent Facial Ageing

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Blog

In this space, we’ve written often on the subject of facial rejuvenation and the surgical and non-surgical treatments that correct/minimise evident signs of facial ageing. Today, however, the team at our Edgecliff practice are looking at something a little different. We’re focused on “prejuvenation,” the use of cosmetic treatments and products before signs of ageing appear. It’s what’s hot with millennials…and that may be a good thing, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

“64% of member facial plastic surgeons report an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments in the under-30 crowd…When done early as a preventative measure, facial muscles that cause wrinkles can be trained to move less, thus stopping wrinkles before they start.”

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Muscle-relaxing injections are at the forefront of the prejuvenation movement. Effective, minimally invasive and requiring little to no downtime, anti-wrinkle injections yield excellent results for today and for years to come. A respected dermatologist recently observed on the Today Show:

“If you slow down the use of these muscles beginning early in adult life, the lines never develop. Rather than going backward and fixing something that’s there, you can inhibit it from starting in the first place.” – Dr Kenneth Arndt

In addition to anti-wrinkle injections, patients are also fighting back visible signs of ageing with:

An Ounce of Prejuvenation is Worth a Pound of Anti-Ageing

In 2006, a 13-year study was conducted to evaluate the effects of facial ageing and prejuvenation with identical twin sisters as the subjects. One twin received injections of a neuromuscular relaxer regularly while the other twin received only minimal treatment. The researchers concluded that long-term treatment with anti-wrinkle injections can

  • Prevent the development of static wrinkles (wrinkles that are visible when the face is as rest)
  • Reduce crow’s feet
  • Is well-tolerated with no adverse side effects noted during the duration of the study

Pictures taken 10-15 years after the beginning of the study show that one twin had a smooth and attractive forehead and the other had the expression lines you’d expect of someone with normal ageing.

Find Out More

If you would like to get the jump on fighting wrinkles, there’s no time like the present to learn more about prejuvenation. The right treatments can help ensure that you have fresh, smooth, radiant skin for years to come. As an added bonus: proactive measures are usually more cost-effective than reactive ones. If you’d like to know more about surgical and non-surgical treatment options, please use our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 555 095.

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