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Dr George Marcells Reveals the Truth about Non-Surgical “Face Lifts”

by | May 22, 2015 | Blog, Facelift, Non-surgical

In the title of this blog post, I’ve put the words “facelift” in quotations, and I’d like to explain why. A facelift is a specific type of cosmetic enhancement. The Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery (AFPS) clearly and concisely defines the procedure like this:

“A facelift, also known as meloplasty or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that tightens and removes sagging skin on the face and neck. Facial muscles may be surgically tightened to improve their tone. Excess fat may also be removed or repositioned as part of the surgery.” AFPS

What I want to emphasize in this post is the difference between a surgical facelift that reduces the visible signs of facial ageing, and cosmetic enhancement treatments such as “lunchtime lifts”, “non-invasive facelift”,“liquid facelifts” and “facelift in a bottle” products.

They’re not facelifts!

6 Long-Lasting Benefits of Face Lift Surgery

Facelift surgery is performed exclusively by board certified surgeons such as me. It is an invasive procedure that dramatically improves the contours of the face and neck, making the skin appear younger and smoother. Facelift surgery is an excellent way to correct

  • Mid-face sagging
  • Deep creases below the lower eyelids
  • Deep creases along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth
  • Fallen or displaced facial fat
  • Jowls and weak muscle tone
  • A double-chin due to loose skin and excess fatty deposits under the chin and jaw

Facelift patients at About Face often enjoy the benefits of surgical facial rejuvenation for more than a decade. You can’t say the same thing aboutnon-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques and treatments.

Dr George Marcells Explains “When Is a Face Lift Not a Face Lift?”

Open a magazine, turn on the TV, or surf the Internet and you’ll find many options for facial rejuvenation. These quick fixes, ranging from devices to creams and treatments advertise themselves as face lift “alternatives” and go by many inviting names:

  • Lunchtime Lifts
  • Non-Invasive Face Lifts
  • Face Lift in a Bottle
  • Liquid Facelift

Scratch the surface, however, and you’ll find these quick fixesdon’t really stack up against the beneficial effects of a facelift.

“A facelift is a surgical procedure, and by definition, there is no such thing as a nonsurgical facelift.” – Stephen S. Park, MD, FACS, president of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Adjuncts to Face Lifts, Not Alternatives

A facelift is uniquely able to correct visible signs of ageing throughout the entire face and neck. Non-surgical approaches to facial rejuvenation, in contrast, generally target just one or two areas of the face, and, compared with true facelifts, the results of these treatments are extremely transient.

Still, soft tissue fillers, muscle relaxers, ultrasound waves, lasers, and other light therapies can be tremendously effective as adjunctsto facelift surgery, helping to correct:

  • Wrinkles
  • Brown spots
  • Sun damage
  • Dynamic lines from overactive muscles
  • Loss of volume such as hollow cheeks and temples
  • Loss of elasticity and the pull of gravity that cause skin to sag

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