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Deep Plane Facelift: Your Once in a Lifetime Beauty Fix

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Blog

Were you watching not too long ago when 66-year-old talk show host Sharon Osbourne walked on stage for The Talk looking especially rejuvenated? It wasn’t the magic of a new make-up artist. Osbourne was showing off a trim jawline and other enhancements attributed to her latest facelift…the fourth she’s had in her life. “There’s not much I haven’t tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced, or removed altogether,” Osbourne wrote in her 2013 autobiography.

Is it really necessary to revisit your facial plastic surgeon for a facelift over and over again throughout your lifetime? The answer is likely no.

Deep Plane Facelift Surgery: One & Done

Deep plane facelift surgery is an intricate surgery performed by only the most skilled surgeons. The technique has earned the reputation as the gold standard of facial rejuvenation among facial plastic surgeons worldwide, with strong scientific evidence of its benefits. Rather than simply removing skin and pulling it taut, a deep plane lift “releases ligaments that anchor the deep plane layer,” explains Dr Marcells. “This allows me to lift facial muscle (SMAS) and skin together, as well as reposition the deep facial musculature.” The end results include natural facial movement or an artificially tight look.

Patients are enthusiastic about the deep plane technique for the duration of the natural-looking results they achieve. One surgeon told Harper’s Bazaar that this technique, “…results are more rejuvenating and longer lasting by 10 years, on average.” It is not uncommon for patients to report satisfaction with their facelift as long as 15 years after surgery.

Fifteen years is far from a lifetime. In the past, patients would have to return to their surgeons several times throughout their lives. Today, thanks to a world of innovation, surgical results can also now be extended using non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including professional grade at-home skin care. “Nothing lasts forever,” acknowledges Dr Marcells. “However, a well-timed deep plane facelift and a good maintenance plan may be all you need to look you best for decades.”

The Clock Is Ticking: How Long Facelifts Last

A deep plane facelift is the newest entry in generations of facial rejuvenation techniques. Its complexity helps provide the longest lasting benefits as compared to:

  • Forehead Lift– Incisions at the hairline are used to lift the skin on each side of the brow. Depending on the technique used (endoscopic, endotemporal, transcoronal), the benefits may last as few as five years or as long as ten.


  • Jawline Rejuvenation – Excess fat is removed with liposuction and then, if desired, reinjected into the mid-face and cheek to add volume. Benefits can last ten to fifteen years.


  • Liquid Facelift – Injectable dermal fillers are used to smooth creases and folds, plump lips, and fill facial hollows. Benefits last one to two years.


  • Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Technique (MACS) – This procedure treats the underlying muscular structures of the face.


  • Mini Facelift – Small incisions under the hair line allow surgeons to remove excess tissue and tighten skin. Benefits last up to five years.


  • S-Lift – an S-shaped incision allows the surgeon to tighten muscles and tissue in the lower third of the face. Benefits last five to ten years.


  • SMAS Lift – This surgery targets facial ageing in the lower two-thirds of the face only, addressing sagging skin, jowls, and sunken cheeks. Results last up to ten years.


  • Sub-Cutaneous (Skin Only) Facelift – incisions around the ear allow surgeons to trim excess skin and then stretch the remaining skin to pull it taught. Benefits may last as few as six months or as long as one year.

Facial rejuvenation, whether surgical or non-surgical, requires an investment of both time and money. Understandably, patients want the best return on their investment. In the case of a facelift, most people opt for the longer lasting, more natural-looking results provided by a deep plane facelift.

What You Want vs. What You Need

Should you have deep plane facelift surgery with Dr Marcells? That decision is yours, but we can help you make certain it’s a well-informed one. We invite you to schedule a consultation, visit our rooms and talk things over. We think you’ll like what you hear.

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