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De-Myth-Defying Deep Plane Facelifts

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Blog, Facelift

Despite vast improvements in techniques and results, many people visiting our practice still worry that a little nip-and-tuck will leave their faces looking unnaturally tight rather than naturally youthful. What prospective patients may not realise is that the deep plane face lift technique employed by Dr Marcells is the most advanced and long-lasting approach to facial rejuvenation ever created. It has a long history of scientific research, clinical success and patient satisfaction.

The deep plane face lift is a bit of a unicorn in the world of anti-ageing. It is performed only by the most skilled facial plastic surgeons around the world. Facts about its benefits can be hard to find, but myths are plentiful.

Let’s look at some of those myth-ing links…

Deep Plane Face Lifts are a Passing Fad

Absolutely not. They are here to stay and here’s why: traditional face lift techniques don’t address all the potential issues that contribute to an ageing face nearly as well as a deep plane lift. As the name suggests, this advanced technique addresses ageing issues in deeper tissue layers. Instead of merely pulling skin tight, it can be used to

  • Correct sagging and drooping in the midface area around the cheeks
  • Rejuvenate the neck
  • Provide longer-lasting results that other face lift techniques

You Need Deep Pockets for a Deep Plane Lift

Nothing could be further from the truth. Our practice waiting room is filled with everyday people from all walks of life. They realise a deep plane face lift is actually a smart investment in anti-ageing, offering long-lasting benefits that far out-distance other facial rejuvenation treatments. Additionally, affordable payment plans can help spread the cost out over a period of time, making it easy on anyone’s budget.

More Invasive Surgery Means More Downtime

This sounds like it should be true, but it isn’t. In a traditional face lift, the skin is pulled, putting pressure on the incisions. That pressure prolongs discomfort, slows healing, and increases the risk of scarring. A deep plane lift addresses deeper tissues in the face, it’s true. However, these tissues naturally heal more quickly, reducing both discomfort and downtime.

Deep Plane Face Lifts are Risky Business

All surgery comes with a certain amount of risk. The deep plane technique presents no greater risk to life than other types of face lifts when it is performed in a hospital setting with qualified personnel and equipment. What a deep place face lift does offer is a reduced likelihood of complications related to stretching the skin.

Info Deep Dive on Deep Plane Face Lifts

The best way to de-myth-defy the face lift process is with the help of an experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr Marcells. During your consultation, he’ll answer questions and ask a few of his own to help ensure maximum satisfaction with your procedure. To schedule your appointment, we invite you to use our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 555 095

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