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Cosmetic Surgery Doesn’t Have to Be a Tell-All

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Blog

It’s one thing to be obsessed with the idea of facial plastic surgery for yourself, but an alarming number of people seem obsessed with other people’s faces and bodies. Kim Kardashian and other online celebrities drive the trend of keeping nothing under wraps, literally and figuratively. Her bold sharing of every step of her cosmetic transformation has the world transfixed by aesthetic enhancement in general.

Not everyone wants to share their personal journey with the world at large. This raised a question among the staff at our practice: who would you tell about your procedure. It turns out we aren’t the only ones asking this question.

A survey conducted by Real Self asked 900 people actively researching cosmetic surgery topics such as rhinoplasty<ahref=”” title=”Dr. Marcells Gallery” target=”_blank”> about their willingness to share their news. We found the results fascinating and think you will, too.

Friends ‘n’ Family

The researchers learned that friends, not family, are the people who patients open up to about their procedures.

  • 76% of respondents would tell friends
  • 68% would tell family

Which family members would they tell?

  • 88% would tell spouses
  • 60% would tell their children
  • 31% were “very willing” to do so

Co-Workers & Social Networkers

Would you post your before and after pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat? If the idea of letting everyone in your social network in on your experience gives you the willies, you’re in good company.

  • 74% of respondents say they were unwilling to post about their surgery

A majority of respondents also said they would keep mum at their place of business.

  • 57% would not tell co-workers

The Etiquette of Cosmetic Surgery

Acceptance of facial plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancement are at all-time highs. That being said, why are so many people hesitant to share their secrets? Harsh judgments, cutting remarks, and hurtful questions often follow a cosmetic surgery revelation. “It’s incredibly rude to come out and ask about (someone’s surgery). Wait for them to tell you.” Mary Mitchell, author, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Etiquette, told The Mercury News.

Whether or not you choose to be forthcoming about your procedure and the people with whom you share the news is entirely up to you. It is however a good idea to have some kind of post-surgical of support system in place.

You Control the Narrative

Today’s advanced cosmetic surgery techniques can provide dramatic or subtle changes in your appearance. Who you tell, or don’t tell, is up to you. If you’d like to know more about surgical and non-surgical treatment options, please use our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 555 095 in Edgecliff.

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