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Can I Wear Glasses After Rhinoplasty?

by | May 5, 2017 | Blog, Rhinoplasty

Our team loves questions about rhinoplasty. We were delighted recently when a patient we’ll call “Elizabeth” at our Edgecliff practice asked, “Do I have to sacrifice my eyes to improve my nose?” Beth was talking about having a rhinoplasty, and wanted to know how soon after surgery she could wear glasses and sunglasses again.

Here’s what we told her…

Can’t Live, if Living is Without You

Glasses and sunglasses may serve as a fun fashion accessory for some. For patients like Beth, however, life would be impossible without corrective and protective eye gear. Wearing contact lenses during recovery is one solution. However, some people are allergic to contact lenses, while others find them simply too uncomfortable. Beth fell into the last category.

Beth was convinced that she was putting her vision at risk after a rhinoplasty. She knew just how punishing the Australian sun can be to her eyes. She was also very anxious about the effect of not being able to wear her corrective glasses. Those fears almost discouraged her from undergoing her dream procedure.

Our practice founder, Dr George Marcells put her fears to rest. He’s known as a ‘master of rhinoplasty’ by his patients and colleagues. His extensive training as a facial plastic surgeon makes him uniquely qualified to help patients find solutions to their post-Rhinoplasty vision problems.

Don’t Wear Glasses after Rhinoplasty Until…  

An informed patient is a vital part of a successful nose surgery. An informed doctor is, too. When you meet with your surgeon, be sure to

  • Tell your facial plastic surgeon that you wear glasses

Beth told Dr Marcells about her vision concerns. She wanted to avoid her glasses leaving a permanent dent on her nose after rhinoplasty. He calmed her fears with these golden (information) nuggets:

  • You can wear glasses and sunglasses on top of your nasal splint during the first week of recovery.
  • Once the splint is removed, you will need to avoid eyewear for six weeks after surgery. This prevents against a permanent dent after a nose job.

When Dr Marcells performs rhinoplasty, the procedure doesn’t always include a controlled bone fracture. Those who undergo this procedure may resume wearing protective and corrective glasses immediately.

You’ll Like What You See

Armed with the facts, Beth was able to schedule her life around her rhinoplasty and her temporary “loss of vision.” We’ll be seeing her again soon. If you’ve been considering nasal surgery and are concerned about your eyes, we invite you to visit our practice in Edgecliff. We’ll answer your questions about rhinoplasty and glasses. We’ll also show you inspiring before-and-after pictures of some of our success stories. Please use our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 555 095 in Edgecliff.

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