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How to Ace Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Blog, Rhinoplasty

Are you thinking about scheduling a rhinoplasty consult at our Edgecliff practice? Excellent! The information you provide and receive during your first meeting with Dr Marcells will serve as the foundation of a successful treatment plan. Your consult will also give you the opportunity to get to know our staff and offices (if you don’t already). That way, when you arrive for your procedure, you’ll feel right at home.

Rhinoplasty Q&A with Dr Marcells

After you arrive and complete some preliminary paperwork, it’s time to get personal. Dr Marcells will ask questions so he can know you as a complete patient and person. He’ll ask about:

  • Your goals for your surgery, functional and aesthetic
  • Your medical history, including previous surgeries
  • Your medication regimen, including vitamins and supplements
  • Your use of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs

5 Must-Ask Questions during a Rhinoplasty Consult

Don’t be shy to raise any concerns you might have, no matter how silly they seem. “A well-informed patient is less anxious,” observes Dr Marcells. “They know there’s no reason to worry because they understand what’s happening to them during the procedure.” One way you calm anxiety is by asking your facial plastic surgeon for his/her background. Use this checklist to assess a surgeon’s qualifications before letting them take your nose into their hands:

  • Where did you receive your training?
  • Were you specifically trained in facial plastic surgery?
  • How many years have you been in practice?
  • How many rhinoplasties have you performed?
  • May I see before and after pictures of previous patients?

Don’t hesitate to get answers to these important queries. Qualified surgeons like Dr Marcells welcome the opportunity to share the details of their professional success.

Rhinoplasty Consult: Let’s Get Physical

A physical examination of your nose is also part of this first consultation. Dr Marcells inspects your nose inside and out, using his eyes and his fingers (gently!). He is feeling for physical features such as the strength of the cartilage at the end of your nose or the thickness of your skin, as these factors have an impact on the results of rhinoplasty. A physical exam also allows Dr Marcells to assess how the surgery will affect breathing.

You’ll also have your moment as a supermodel. Photographs will be taken of your nose from different angles. This is a valuable visual tool for discussing the goals of your surgery. The photos are also important for assessing before-and-after results.

That’s it! After your consult, you can step back to the front desk and schedule your appointment.

Begin Your Journey: Rhinoplasty Consultation

“The art and science of cosmetic rhinoplasty begins with the initial examination,” reads the abstract of a paper published by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. “The surgeon must visualize and predict like Leonardo Da Vinci, be a sculptor like Michelangelo, and be an analyzer like Einstein.” Whether you are committed to the idea of nose surgery or are sitting on the fence, we invite you to book an all-important rhinoplasty consultation with Dr Marcells.

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Dr George Marcells is known for excellence in facial plastic surgery and is considered a true master of rhinoplasty. He performs advanced surgical techniques to restore balance and harmony to the face and can also resolve functional issues such as breathing difficulties.

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