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7 Must-Know Facts from Your FACIAL Plastic Surgeon

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Blog

Don’t be scared. Instead, we say “Be Prepared” for your visit with Dr George Marcells or any facial plastic surgeon. During your initial consultation, he’ll put you at ease and get to know you inside and out. You’ll work together as a team to determine a course of action that will get you the results you want.

Did you know there’s something you can do to get ready for your consultation? Take a moment to learn these invaluable truths regarding the procedure you are about to undertake.

Fact: Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Are Different

There are a number of differences between facial plastic and cosmetic surgery. To become board-certified as a facial plastic surgeon, a graduate of medical school must complete an intensive program focused specifically on facial plastic surgery. A cosmetic surgeon, on the other hand, may have received surgical training in any field from dermatology to gynaecology.

Cosmetic surgeons take courses – often nothing more than a few short weekends – that gives them the right to perform cosmetic procedures. They are nowhere as thoroughly trained as a facial plastic surgeon

Fact: Unreal Expectations Don’t Fly

Facial plastic surgery is not magic, it’s medical science. There are limits to what it can accomplish. However, when you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure, you’re more likely to be delighted with the results.

Fact: Your Goals, Your Surgery

A trustworthy surgeon like Dr Marcells will never pressure you into a procedure you don’t want. Your surgeon may be in charge of the knife, but you’re in charge of your body. Let your doctor know what you do and don’t want.

Fact: This Mistake Can Be Fatal

Far too often, people who are trying to save money allow themselves to be put into life-threatening situations by undergoing procedures in a non-hospital or clinic setting. Don’t do it. If a problem arises and there’s no safety back up, you could die.

Fact: You Can Help Reduce Risks Yourself

Every type of surgery and many aesthetic procedures have a risk attached to them. You can dial down those risks by choosing an experienced facial plastic surgeon who has been well trained and is properly licensed.

Fact: You May Not Need More Work

Don’t be concerned that you are committing to a lifetime of aesthetic procedures if you choose to have facial plastic surgery. Many procedures last a lifetime.

Fact: Tell the Whole Truth & Nothing But

Your doctor needs to know everything possible about you so that s/he can make good judgments regarding your care. Even if you’re embarrassed, be honest when you are asked about your alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

Get the Facts from Someone Who Knows

Want more information about a specific surgery or aesthetic treatment? At our Edgecliff practice, we promise you’ll get the facts, not a sales pitch. Call us today to book a getting-to-know-you consultation with Dr Marcells.

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